We are committed to total customer satisfaction through fully understanding every aspect of our customers’ business needs. We do not just sell product, but we offer a long-term partnership with our customers whom we benchmark our success with theirs.



  • 1We are the market leader in Surface Preparation, Electrolytic Processing, Electroless Processing, Phosphating, Specialty Coating, Training & Troubleshooting.
  • 2We have been in the Surface Finishing business since 1979. Today, our ever-expanding product line is available in all major cities in Indonesia. We are the largest Surface Finishing Solution Provider in Indonesia and we pride ourselves as the industry leader.
  • 3We embrace the concept of continuous improvement, not just for our products but for everything we do. It starts with creating a vision of what high performance is, understanding our strengths and opportunities for improvement, and focusing our people and systems on quickly and effectively achieving our objectives.
  • 4We continue to expand with the best possible talent available and continue to train them, and ourselves, so that we each increase our ability to contribute to the Company’s progress.



  • Customer satisfaction through good quality of product and service
  • Ensuring availability of resources and technology are continually supported according to the requirement of National and ISO 9001:2015 Standart
  • Establish long term cooperation success within customer, supplier and internal organization


Corrosion and Wear Resistant

Corrosion and Wear Resistant

  • Electroless nickel for corrosion protection and wear resistance on automobile parts, oil and gas industry equipment, medical instruments, and aerospace components.
  • Zinc and zinc alloy coatings, chromate coatings, and organic topcoats to protect ferrous metals.
  • Copper and tin plating processes.
  • Surface conditioners to clean metallic and non-metallic substrates prior to plating; metal strippers for the selective removal of metallic deposits from basis metals.
Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings

  • Copper/nickel/chromium finishes for automobile grills, trim, and bumpers, metal furniture, and household appliances.
  • Precious metals for fine jewelry, optical frames, watch cases, writing instruments, and gift ware.
  • Clear and colored water-based electrophoretic lacquers to replace solvent-based systems.
  • Environmentally friendly finishes to replace traditional chromium plating on hand tools, appliances, metal furniture, and door/drapery hardware.
Electronics Materials

Electronics Materials

  • For fabrication and assembly of printed wiring boards.
  • Metallic coatings to shield plastic housings of computers, telecommunications equipment, and other electronic devices against electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • High performance coatings for electronic connectors advanced plating technologies for electronic packaging, microelectronic components, and semiconductor manufacturing.

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We are the market leader in Surface Preparation, Electrolytic Processing, Electroless Processing, Phosphating, Specialty Coating, Training & Troubleshooting.


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